Reverend Steve Fitzpatrick: Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher, is currently the President of Herald of Faith. He and his wife Kathy have three children, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren. Steve’s list of experiences over his 48 years in ministry include; Youth Pastor, Evangelist, Assistant Pastor at four different churches, a Senior Pastor, and Dean of four Bible Colleges. Steve has both a Bachelor of Theology and a Masters of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University’s Haggard School of Theology. During his travels he has trained and equipped pastors and leaders on five continents while visiting over forty countries.


And hundreds of supporters around the globe who invest prayer, finances, spread the word via social media and volunteer to see leaders equipped and churches strengthened.


Whether it is navigating a jungle river by canoe in Central America to train leaders, preaching to the believers in the high mountains of South America, teaching national pastors in war-torn Eastern Africa, or evangelizing in rural India or Pakistan – there are always adventures for those involved in the ministry of the Herald of Faith! As the worldwide church continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, the cry for trained leaders is being heard on every continent. A pastor in Argentina once said, that getting souls saved and planting a church is the easy part, but training leaders is the hard part. At Herald of Faith we know how important it is to constantly remind ourselves of both our vision and the focus of our ministry. Our founder, Joseph Mattsson-Boze, decided in 1959 to base this ministry on training village pastors, and we continue to see that as our bedrock mandate and all consuming passion. We exist today to develop pastoral leaders and strengthen local churches – worldwide!


To develop pastoral leaders in villages and cities around the world.



To assist pastoral leaders worldwide in strengthening local churches through Biblical training, educational resources, and projects that help churches reach their communities.


To develop pastoral leaders in character, content and conduct through training seminars held in their local regions that will enable them to strengthen their local churches. Our mission is to equip 30,000 leaders by 2020.


Herald of Faith is a team of people willing and able to work cross culturally to help pastoral leaders, their churches and communities develop



Herald of Faith is a faith mission, dedicated to developing pastoral leaders and strengthening local churches. We began in 1958 though the ministry of Joseph Mattsson-Boze with the simply stated goal of training national pastors. Our name was taken from a magazine originally published in Swedish. We continued to publish it until 1971. Our roots actually go back further to a Swedish magazine, Sanningens Vittnen, published in 1910, which promoted the early Pentecostal movement. Joseph Mattsson-Boze was involved in editing the successor magazine, Trons Harold (Herald of Faith) from 1935 on.

The mission was begun because of a vision to train national evangelists originally just in Kenya. This work dominated us from 1958-1963, and we were greatly helped and influenced by the ministry of T.L. Osborn. Then we branched out and started working in other parts of Africa including Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi.